2018 Diversity and Inclusion Award

Thank  you to Partnership for Strong Families for initiating Made New Arts for a 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Award from the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs! MNA received a small grant that has been used to continue art mentoring for our kids currently in foster care. We are so thankful for the continued support of PFSF in helping MNA continue to provide free art services to strengthen, and love our area youth.

Jaheim Kendrick and Cassie

The Made New Arts & Partnership For Strong Families Foster Youth Exhibition

The first ever Made New Arts and Partnership for Strong Families  Foster Youth Exhibition opened at Gallery Protocol, Friday June 9th, 2017. In total we displayed 67 artworks from 24 of our MNA Foster Youth that participated in the Winter/Spring Session of the classes. All pieces were sold with 100% of the purchases going back to the kids who participated as a means to encourage their potential, and value their effort.

Partnership for Strong Families was able to display the creativity of these youth to potential adoptive families, displaying the resilience and ingenuity of the students in the MNA Foster Youth Program for public view. We are all so thankful for the support from all those who attended, and purchased work. Your presence and interest let these kids know they have a purpose, a voice, and a place in the community during a time of transition, and healing.

MNA Supply Wish List

The Made New Arts Programming is made possible by contributions of individuals, and organizations alike. We are need of a steady supply of art supplies and will accept both new (and lightly used) materials. MNA has made a registry list found here: MADE NEW ARTS WISH LIST of certain supplies we are currently low or running out of. Donation of supplies can be arranged by emailing info@madenewarts.com for pick up. Supplies purchased online can be shipped to the Foster Youth Classroom on the Ignite campus: ATTN: Made New Arts/ Hilary White, 404 NW 14th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

MNA Wish List_small

MNA DJJ Program Updates

Really proud of the boys work in the Alachua Co. Juvenile Detention facility. I really enjoy our class time each week. The class roster is ever changing due to the nature of the detention  center, but every young artist in the class works very focused, and is curious about art as a professional field they might enter into someday. Sometimes it takes a few classes to encourage those on the sidelines to participate, but when they do I’m always impressed.

My goals are to secure an accessible community classroom for the MNA community classes sometime this year or next, while continuing to teach at the foster shelter, and detention facility. My hope is this community space will serve as a means of intervention for young artist to  access free art materials, and instruction when they might otherwise be unable to, as well as a space of transformation where students who have been released from the detention facility have the opportunity to remain in contact and continue expanding their creative skills.

Getting Ready for the MNA Exhibition!

Made New Arts, Foster Kids and Art, Art Programs to empower kids in the foster system, Adopt kids, Partnership for Strong Families,Getting ready for the Made New Arts exhibition June 9th at Gallery Protocol from 5-9pm! All of the kids work will be for sale and %100 of the funds goes directly back to them and their efforts. Come out and support the young artists who have worked so hard to share their vision of hope, and life with their community. Thank you to Partnership for Strong Families for partnering with MNA, to the local and national support the program has received through individual contributions, and to the organizations that have helped fund the supply and classroom needs of the program: Ignite Life Center, International Fine Art Fund, Shift Church.


Thank you Shift Church of Gainesville

Shift Church has partnered with Made New Arts in contributing to the monthly needs of the programs supplies to help keep the classes going. This program is made possible by the contributions of the community and it’s organizations. We incredibly thankful for their support and generosity towards the needs of the community and it’s youth!

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Artist Josh Hobson visits MNA Foster Youth Program!

Huge thank you to artist Josh Hobson for talking with the kids in the MNA Foster Youth Art Program about his photography practice and how to “hunt” and “gather” for images. The kids were inspired by his talk and interaction with them. He lead a class project using UV light sensitive photo paper that the kids were able to create their own images with. Later they tried their hand at digital photography taking photos around the Ignite Life Center campus.

To find out more about Josh and his photographic work visit:


Josh Hobson Photo, MNA Foster Youth Program, MAde New Arts

Josh showing the kids how to develop their images.

Josh Hobson Photo, MNA Foster Youth Program, MAde New Arts

The kids find objects to create their exposures.

Josh Hobson Photo, MNA Foster Youth Program, MAde New Arts

Josh demonstrates how to create a composition and expose the UV sensitive paper.

MNA Foster Youth Program Works with Clay!

We spent some time experimenting with different types of air dry and polymer clays. Some worked flat and others three dimensional. A few of the kids decided to paint their pieces and I framed them in shadow boxes for their exhibition June 9th!

Made New Arts working with clay. Pineapple.

Violet made a clay Pineapple!

MNA_Clay_Space Cats

I framed Grace’s pieces on a space background. Space Cats!


Misty works with the symbol of the hearts and the topic of choice in a lot of her work.

MNA_Clay Hot Dog

“J” completed his Hot Dog and Fry combo.

Made New Arts Juvenile Detention Facility Art Program

I am excited to announce I will have the opportunity to work with the Department of Juvenile Detention that serves Alachua and the twelve surrounding counties. I will be meeting with the children in the facility weekly to work in new mediums, murals, and in house exhibitions. To help fund the materials we will initially need to begin the program I am offering a few limited edition fine art prints from my collection as well as other works that will be available soon. 100% of the sales will go toward funding the art classes for the DJJ Art Program. Thank you for your continued interest and support! Link for prints: http://hilarywhiteart.bigcartel.com/product/the-great-unchangeable-limited-edition-digital-print

MAde New Arts, Juvenile Detention Art Program, Hilary White, Alachua County DJJ