Made New Arts 2017 Sessions

Here are some examples of the work completed during the Winter/Spring 2017 session of the MNA Foster Youth Program. It has been a wonderful experience working with so many talented young artists. The students had the opportunity to work in clay, watercolor, acrylic paints (on paper and canvas), color pencil, spray paint, stencils, and photo paper. We covered topics such as composition, symbolism, color theory, materials and techniques.

This session ended with a public exhibition in collaboration with Partnership For Strong Families. The students art was available for purchase with 100% of the proceeds going towards the young artist as a means to give them encouragement as they learn to value themselves, and their potential. Click on the image for a brief caption, or to browse the gallery.


Made New Arts & Partnership for Strong Families Foster Youth Art Exhibition 06.09.17


Canvas/Acrylic Paintings:


Abstract Painting Studies:


Watercolor/mixed media:


Dry Media/ Color Pencil and Marker:


Sculpture/Clay and Paint:


Photo Composition with visiting artist Josh Hobson:


Class photos: