Painting in the MNA Foster Youth Program

We are in month two of the MNA Foster Youth Program in collaboration with Partnership For Strong Families and Ignite Refuge. The kids have moved on from working in pencil to paints. We experimented with watercolors and now have moved on to acrylic on canvas. For our final project in paint we will focus on a collaborative mural with a visit from local artist Evan Poirier.

Colin watercolor chair_MadeNewArts_web

Colin works on his watercolor chair.

Robert watercolor_MNA_web

Robert starts his third watercolor painting.

Alyssa tree watercolor_MNA_web

Alyssa uses tape and salt to add texture to her watercolor.

watercolor_MNA_Foster Youth Program_web

Ian works on finishing a drawing using color pencil and watercolor.

Grace with her cat portrait

Grace displays her acrylic cat portrait on canvas.

Class Begins!

For the intro class we began with a black and white “self-portrait” using symbols. We discussed how other artist in the past and present use symbology within their art to give their work multiple layers of meaning. One of the students, Kendrick, decided to use personal symbology through his characters, logos, and images of life (balloons) and death (tombstone) to create his self-portrait revolving around the topic of love.


Learn more about Kendrick from the video below:

Getting Ready for Classes

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far to the MNA foster youth program. We have made it to our half-way mark and were able to buy all of the needed art supplies to begin classes. We also had enough left over to buy the lumber for building the class tables, and putting in shelving to keep materials organized. We are still looking for donations to be able to purchase the frames for the MNA exhibition of the children’s work, June 9th at Gallery Protocol. For more information visit our Go-Fund-Me page or email …It’s all coming together!

Help Us Empower Foster Youth

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We have launched a “Go Fund Me” page to help funding for the “Made New Arts” Foster Youth Program. The donations go 100% to the programs development, and continuation. Please consider giving any amount. More information about the program and a budget run down of the what the contributions go towards can be found here.